host|ess «HOHS tihs», noun, adjective, verb.
1. a woman who receives another person as her guest: »

Katherine went up to her hostess and dropped a curtsy. “It was nice of you to ask me to your party, Mrs. Howells,” she said, without mumbling (New Yorker).

2. a woman who keeps an inn or hotel, or who helps her husband to do so: »

my hostess of the tavern (Shakespeare).

3. a woman hired to greet and attend to guests in a hotel, restaurant, or other establishment.
4. a woman paid to entertain or dance with guests or travelers.
5. = airline hostess. (Cf.airline hostess)
6. a woman who welcomes and entertains at a military canteen.
of or for a hostess; designed to be worn by a woman for informal entertaining at home: »

a hostess gown, hostess pants.

to serve as a hostess to or at: »

to hostess a party.

to be a hostess; act as hostess.
[< Old French hostesse, feminine of hoste host1]

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